George W. Bush in Dallas

George W. Bush in Dallas

Kucklehead called me the other day to chat. I call him Knucklehead Smiff. Really, even in my official correspondence he’s “Knucklehead Smiff”, I don’t even have to footnote it. Everyone knows who I’m talking about.

When we first talked about running him with Cheney, the others wanted to call it the Winchell/Mahoney ticket. I put the kibosh on that right away. G.W. is always going to be Knucklehead Smiff to me.

His daddy, Bonehead, and mine go way back. But that’s another story.

Anyhoo, it seems that since they moved to Dallas, Laura hasn’t been home very much. Knucklehead says she been playing tennis a lot and is taking lessons from Bjorn, the club Pro.

I belong to that club,. We have these awesome cabanas there with heat, A/C, running water, a kitchenette, and a king size waterbed. Knucklehead says Laura has been spending most nights in their cabana cuz she’s too tired to drive home after “playing” with Bjorn. Poor Knucklehead. Still clueless after all of these years.


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