EPA attorneys say Cap-and-Trade won’t work

EPA attorneys say Cap-and-Trade won’t work

Nancy called me about this. I kept her on hold for 10 minutes. Ever since I had her made Speaker she’s been acting like her poop don’t smell. Let me tell you something. I know for a fact that it does. I went into the Member’s Only powder room right after her, once. Never again! Christ, I nearly fell over! My eyes were watering. I had to use the regular men’s room. The one for the “Public”. That was almost as bad as the powder room, but that’s normal.

When I finally picked up the phone her panties were really in a bunch (not really, she wear’s a thong). She immediately started crying about “traitors” and “breaking ranks” and, “in my own District?”. I tuned her right out. My thoughts hearkened to a simpler time, back in the 60’s. Nancy and I were at a Dead show, at Golden Gate Park, tripping balls. We had this awesome window pane that I got from Kesey. I’m telling ya, ol’ Nanc and me, we saw God that day. She told me later that He looked like me. I thought so, too.

“…and will you ask Rahm to put those two on Bo’s enemies list?” she squawked into the phone, interupting my reverie. “Sure Nanc. Next time he calls I’ll mention it to him,” I replied before I hung up.

Did I tell you about that week she and I “christened” every desk in the Senate Chamber? It was during the Christmas recess and…There’s the phone…gotta go!


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