Dems Lose in Viginia and NJ, day after election day

Dems lose in VA and NJ

I got a frantic call from Rahm at 0230 this morning, on the direct line. “OMG! OMG! Red, Bo’s losing it! Please, get dressed and get downstairs. I’ve got four of the Suburbans on the way over to pick you up!” I yawned and said, “What’s he up to now, Rahm?”

“He’s in the Gym! He’s climbed on top of one of the basketball nets and he’s just sitting up there, moaning! Michelle thinks he might jump!” I shook my head and chuckled . “This is what you do. Put one of those wrestling mats that Knucklehead used (Knucklehead liked to wrestle. He called it “rasslin”) under him in case he falls. I don’t think he’ll jump. See if you can get him to put his mouth guard in. We’ve got to protect those teeth. Then get some of the bigger boys from the Detail down there with a ladder and have them bring him down. They know what to do. Knucklehead did the same thing at least twice a month. Then give him a couple of Xanax and some JD. That’ll calm him down. And, turn those Suburbans around , for Christ’s sake! I don’t want them waking up my neighbors, again.” I hung up on him and went back to bed.


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